Friday, October 11, 2013

America in Shutdown

I've been following what has been going on in Washington with great interest.  I have been amazed that there are certain individuals within the halls of Congress who have despite the personal attacks and hate speech directed at them (in many cases by members of their own party) have stayed true to their message of the People First.  I for one find this behavior refreshing since it has been awhile since I've seen it come from any of the halls of government.  It is always easy to stand for something when you stand with many, but that becomes extremely more difficult when you stand alone, so I for one applaud those taking a stand and letting their voice be heard.

That being said, I would like to talk about what is happening over there in Washington.  We are experiencing a widening of the gap that separates us from them.  What I mean is that the politicians in Washington for so long have been entrenching themselves in their lofty positions and redirecting power away from the people and placing it in their hands and those of bureaucrats in Washington who answer to them and not the people.  You have to understand that when the Founding Fathers wrote the words, "We, the People of the United States....", they literally meant "WE", you and me, us.  The initials of our great Nation say it all "US"!  The power of the government doesn't lie in them it lies in US.  It is similar to giving a Power of Attorney to someone to officiate in our business affairs in our behalf.  Each Senator, Representative and President operates under this Power of Attorney.  They are to operate the affairs of government as if we were operating them and therefore they are to listen to us as a people.  They are to put us first before anybody else.  That means rather than giving billions in aid to Egypt or Russia or some other foreign government they are to take care of the affairs of this Nation.  They are to listen when we say no more, they are to listen when we say that we don't want to be forced to enroll in government sponsored healthcare.  They are supposed to run to do their job when we tell them to take care of it.  At least this is how government should operate here in the United States of America, but as you well know it doesn't.

Our government has been operating well beyond this basic definition that I've given.  They are operating outside the Power of Attorney given to them and they've been doing it to this point with impunity.  For the most part they've done it under the guise of that they were just trying to help and make our lives easier  because why would we want to trouble ourselves with the affairs of government.  They played the humble servant card while talking to us and then mocked us behind closed doors.  Now, they are openly and blatantly thumbing their noses to our faces and telling us that we have no voice, that they are the powerful ruling class and we are to do as they tell us or suffer the consequences of our choices.  Time and time again we the people are being pushed aside for special interests and Party rather than National loyalty. 

This has brought us to this point.  The President has been impotent as a "leader".  He has not led in Washington from the front, but has sat back and thrown fuel on the fire and then stands on the sidelines imputing blame upon the Republicans or more specifically the Tea Party and Conservatives within the Republican Party.  He has shown that he is not the great healer that he was made out to be, but rather the opposite.  He is the great divider, he is working extra hard to destroy all peace within our Nation to cause pain and suffering where none need be felt.

This brings me to the Senate.  That great Congress of self-important, self-obsessed men and women who love the greetings in the marketplace and to sit in the high places of importance.  Who in all their babbling have nothing important or reasonable to say.  They who out of show recognize time old tradition while on the floor of the Senate and then spit in the face of the American people.  When the Constitution was ratified the Senators were appointed by the individual State Legislatures.  This ensured that each Senator serving would be loyal to the State and work to protect the interests of the State.  This was practiced until May 31, 1913 when the 17th Amendment was officially adopted into the United States Constitution.  Those who pushed for the reform of how Senators should be chosen were Progressives. 

You see, the Constitution specifically separated the powers and duties of each arm of the government for specific reasons.  The House of "Representatives", these Representatives were to represent more the interests of the People who voted them into office, that is why there are so many of them as they represent a specified number of constituents within their voting districts. That is why they were given the authority to pass budgets and allocate funds because they represent the People and the desires of the People and are to disperse the funds of the People according to the will of the People and not according to the will of their party and or third party group or entity lobbying for preferential treatment.  This is their most basic duty.

The Senate was to represent the will of the State.  The elected State officials who, once again, represent the will of the citizens of their respective districts were to appoint the Senator, who would be subject to the State officials and thereby loyal to the needs of the State and responsive to those needs.  By changing this dynamic you now have a scenario as we see now where the Senator for a state might be liberal but the majority of the Representatives in the House are not as are the majority of the Representatives on the State level, but now we have a new dynamic where they are pitted against the will of the People as they are now not subject to State Legislatures, but to Party affiliations and purposes.  This has been no more evident than in what is happening today in Washington.

The 17th Amendment was essential to the Progressive movement in order to create a scenario where the will of the many would be subjugated by the will of the few.  I understand that Senators are voted in by popular vote, and that is not what I mean by the previous statement.  large cities tend to move towards a more liberal bent due to certain circumstances which exist within metropolitan areas, but outside of large cities we see the majority of the population lean more toward a conservative position.  We see this in California, which is typically considered a mecca for liberalism.  There are several Representatives in the House that are Republican, but both Senators are Democrats, thus silencing the voice of the Conservative Citizen within the State of California.  I am not saying that if the State Legislature were to select a Senator for California, that the person would be Conservative, but what I am saying is that these individuals in states like California are essentially silenced and are not given place at the table when it comes to the protection of their individual rights.

We as a people are constantly being told that we have no choice but to do what they, the government tells us to do.  If they say they need more money, We the People need to dutifully give it to them because they so mandate.  If they want to listen to our calls and read our email, well we better not complain because we are too ignorant to know what is needed to be done to protect us from our simple stupidity.  If we don't want to participate in "obamacare", well that is not our call.  The government doesn't have to participate because the cost is too restrictive to them, but the people had better tow the line and do what they are told or be fined and have your money confiscated from your personal bank account.

Well, my fellow Americans, it is time that we revoke the Power of Attorney of many of our Senators and Representatives upon the grounds of dereliction of duty and for performance of duties beyond the scope of said Power of Attorney.  These people including the President of the United States are standing in direct opposition of the will of the People and we should not be willing to stand idly by and allow it to continue like this.  We have the power of government, not them.  I don't care what you've been taught to believe, the Constitution places the power of government squarely in the hands of the American People and it is time that we take it back. 

We need to stop being sheep and do something or we will have nothing to save.  We say that we care so much about our children that we are willing to allow the government to take away our Constitutionally guaranteed and protected right to keep and bare arms to protect the children, but we don't care to protect Freedom for them?  It makes no sense to a sensible person like me.  My mind whirls in utter amazement as I watch the reaction of people today towards the government shut down.

To fix this situation that we currently find ourselves in will not be easy.  We've allowed it to get this bad, and we must fix it or we will lose everything.  We need to stop the senseless spending and over-regulation of everything in life or we will find ourselves left out in the cold and without a Country.  We will find ourselves in the shackles of tyranny and then when that happens if we should then decide to do something we will only be able to get our Country back by the shedding of greats amounts of blood.  Wouldn't it be easier to suffer a little now, rather than fight later? 

We need to appreciate the gift of Freedom and Liberty or we will be given to servitude and oppression.  God grants Freedom, and man enslaves their brethren for power.  We can prevail, but we have to be willing to be a People United and thereby remain a Nation United.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

State of the Union

Every Independence Day I take the time to study the Constitution of the United States.  It gives me the opportunity to get to know in more depth the freedoms guaranteed in that document and the limited role of government authorized by it as well.  This year as I begin my study, my heart is weighed down with sorrow. 

The events of the last week have sickened me.  The Supreme Court in a move that stunned and shocked the Nation declared the Affordable Healthcare Act, a.k.a. "obamacare", as Constitutional.  This based on the premise that the government is given authority under the Constitution to tax the people of this Nation.  Though it is true that the Congress has the power to tax us, they don't have the power to regulate our lives and purchase habits.  A tax is a "tariff" if you would on a purchase.  A mandate is being told that you must do something. The dictionary defines a mandate as an authoritative command.  Let's see, the law states, buy insurance or face a penalty.  That sounds like a mandate to me. 

George Washington, our First President and great Statesman said this in 1796, "Towards the preservation of your is requisite... that you resist with care the spirit of innovation upon its principles, however specious the pretexts.  One method of assault may be to effect, in the forms of the Constitution, alterations which will impair the energy of the system, and thus to undermine what cannot be directly overthrown."  I understand the desire to help others.  My heart burns within me to help those in need.  That being said, I understand that it is my duty to help those in need, not the governments.  The Constitution is plain in its delineation of powers.  The power or authority to help the needy lies in the people not in the government.  We cannot effectively preserve our Nation and neglect our Constitution.  We cannot seek for security and sell our birthrights.  We cannot give away our freedom and expect liberty.  If we continue to chop away at the Foundation of our Nation, we will shortly wake up to find that we are neither free or secure.  The enemy which we fight lives within each one of us.  That desire to allow someone else to take care of our obligations and to shirk our duty.  The laziness in which we view or exercise our Rights is causing a moral decay in this Nation that is epidemic.

We must fight off the natural man within us, and stand up and be men and women of resolve.  We must put our shoulder to the wheel and push along the cause of Freedom, or we will not be free.  We must turn the tide of socialism or progressivism and swing our Nation back to the Articles of the Constitution.  We must seek out men and women who know and understand, and then who love the Constitution and will fight for it. 

Our Nation is in trouble.  It's not Obama, although he is pushing it along very rapidly, but it is our Congress and Courts that are aiding in the destruction of this Nation.  Washington is full of liars and soothsayers.  Show me a true Statesman in Washington and I will work with that person to make a difference.  Show me a person in Washington with a backbone willing to make the hard decisions and I will support that person.  I am determined to see this Nation survive the attack from within.  I am determined to see this Nation forever remain a Nation United!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Let's Talk About Seniority

Here in Utah there has been a lot of talk about Seniority when it comes to political office.  Two years ago we heard it with Senator Bennett and this time around we are hearing it again with Senator Hatch.  So let's take a really quick look at seniority.

Hatch's claim is that he needs to be re-elected again because he has been in Washington for so long that he is the most senior Senator on the Senate Finance Committee.  He claims that his experience qualifies him to be able to lead the charge in saving America in our desperate time when our Country hangs in the balance ready to tip.  In 1976 (when I was two years old) Senator Hatch was elected to the US Senate. At that time he ran against an incumbent who had served three terms in Washington.  Hatch's main challenge to Senator Moss was that he had served too long and lost touch with constituents.  At that time Hatch supported term limits, at that point Hatch considered three terms too long, at that point Hatch promised two terms. 

Let's fast forward to 2012.  Hatch is still in office.  Now, unless I am completely math illiterate, 1976 to 2012 is not twelve years.  According to the Constitution of the United States, the term of a Senator in the US Senate is 6 years.  So that would mean that Senator Hatch's most recent bid for office would be his seventh term that he seeks.  What happened to he would only seek two terms, and that three terms had made Senator Moss out of touch with his constituents?  If three terms did that to Senator Moss, then what has six terms done to Senator Hatch?

I've had the opportunity to meet with Senator Hatch and I've exchanged communications with him, and I don't believe that Senator Hatch fully understands his role as a Senator for the State of Utah.  He has been duped into believing that his role as Senator is to centralize powers around the Federal Government.  He believes that his role is to ensure equality for all Americans.  He has helped expand the Government over and over again in size and expenditure.  He has worked hard to ensure that his Democratic friends will always look to him for support.  He has played the Washington game, and he has played it too long.

Now, let's really take a look at seniority. In the Constitution of the United States, Article I, Section III, we read, " ...each Senator shall have one vote."  Other than that I see no clause in the Constitution that says that the longer a Senator serves the more power he wields.  Therefore whether you are a recently elected Senator with only one day siting as a Senator or a veteran Senator with over 36 years serving, you only have one vote, wielding the same power and authority as any other Senator.  Seniority is of man, and unconstitutional in nature.  By saying that a newly elected Senator has no say in the Senate is to say that they have the right to silence the people of a State.  We, the people of the United States hold the power of government and we delegate that power to our elected officials to represent us, that is what a representative republic is based on.  Each and every Senator elected by their individual States, hold the same power and authority.  We don't send them to Washington to play games, and make friends, rattling  their swords in pretended indignation then retiring to their chambers to devise plans and schemes to quietly relinquish us of our Rights and Freedoms.  The centralization of powers around the Federal Government is anathema to the Constitution.  The powers of the Federal are specifically outlined and delineated within that document.  The problem is, and it is the same problem that I've decried many times, is that "We, the people of the United States.." don't know what the Constitution authorizes the Federal government to do.  They tell us what it tells them to do and we believe it.  If we were to read the Constitution we would see a very different job description that what we are told in schools and in the media.

We, as a people have to start caring enough for this Country if we are to regain our sovereignty as a people.  If we continue to lay our rights aside for the sake of being able to get a free lunch, we will find ourselves in the shackles of tyranny, and the only way to regain our Rights will be through the shedding of great amounts of blood.  It's time that we wake up, and wipe away the scales of political blindness.  That we put aside political correctness and we begin from this day to do what's right.  If we are to preserve this Nation for our children and our childrens'  children we must demand that our elected officials begin to listen to us, rather than to party bosses and special interest groups.  We, the people must demand adherence to our Constitution.  We, the people must demand action within the halls of Congress.  We, the people must be willing to put our sacred honor, treasure, and lives on the line to win our Freedoms if that becomes necessary, for sitting placidly on the side lines of life hoping that someone else will take up the fight in our defense will only get us more of what we see and slowly the chains of despotism will ensnare us and we will wake up one morning decrying the loss of Freedom.

My fellow Americans, I will not sit idly by and allow it to happen.  I call all to rally around our Standard of Liberty, that grand old flag, that banner of Freedom.  Stand shoulder to shoulder.  Stand with a firm determination that you will weather the storm which lies ahead.  Together we can turn the tide, together we can remain a Nation United.  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What Matters Most

I have asked myself over the past year or so of not writing, what matters most to me.  The answer has always been the same, Freedom.  Freedom matters most to me and we are watching our freedoms erode before us at an alarming rate. 

My lack of writing has not been based upon the fact that I like what's going on and I feel pleased with the direction of the Country.  There could be nothing farther from the truth than that.  The truth is, that I've been trying to get my legs back under me after suffering the effects of what is happening in our Country.  Job loss and financial woes have caused serious difficulties in life and last year I was restructuring and rebuilding.  I often said, I have to write about that particular issue, but found myself so weighed down by things that the time was hard to come by.  I must also confess, that I was discouraged by the fact that no matter what I did or said, everybody seemed to continue down the same path of self destruction as always. 

As we've entered into this election year, I find myself again pulled into the world of politics.  I was once again elected to represent my Precinct as a State Delegate for the Republican Party.  I find myself discussing politics more frequently.  I listen to the advertisements for all the candidates and can't help but think, Heaven help us.  The candidates for the various offices are very selective with what they share.  For example, Newt, he loves to tout himself as a Conservative and moral crusader for America.  He points the finger at Mitt and says he's a flip-flopper and not fit for office.  Well Mr. Speaker, you yourself have flipped-flopped on issues based off of your "moral compass" which seems to point the direction that you think that people want it to point.  He takes heat for impeaching Clinton while he himself was having an affair at the time and had left his wife before for another love interest leaving her battling cancer.  I believe that he was justified in overseeing the impeachment since Clinton wasn't impeached for infidelity, but for perjury.  There is a difference there, but you won't hear that from the media.  That is besides the point and a tangent that I didn't expect to go down.  Newt's infidelity shows that he has no self-control and believes that he should have what he wants regardless of societal limits or a sense of right and wrong.  What would keep him from dong what he wants if elected to office and removing even more of our Sacred rights.  He decries Obamacare as unconstitutional, but has always declared that he believes in single payer universal health care.  I believe that his opposition to Obamacare is based off of the fact that he couldn't implement it, and he wants to pander to what he deems to be the simple minded electorate.

Now, I don't have issue with just Newt, let's look at Mitt.  Mitt is a flip-flopper as well.  His "world" view is based off of the level of office he is seeking.  His level of Conservatism is based off of the same thing.  There's something about Mitt that just doesn't jive right.  His argument for supporting the Massachusetts health care law although based upon a Constitutional fact that it is a State's Rights issue is still flawed in that he is taking away the right of the majority to extend "rights" unto the minority.  The right being removed is that of Freedom and the "right" being extended is the erroneous right that everybody deserves health care.  There is no right to insurance.  That is a basic fact.  If he is unclear as to the difference of what is a right and a privilege then he needs to study up on things and then come back once he has the definitions correct.  Man does not create rights, our rights are given us by God.

And, as for Rick Santorum, well he is just not ready.  I supported him for the longest time and then lost interest when he got off topic and began to just rub me the wrong way.  There is just no other explanation for my loss of interest in him.

I won't even get into Ron Paul.  He's not the man, and I don't believe that he will ever be the man for the job.  I can see him as the Treasury Sec, but that's about it.  He would clean things up in that post.

Each one of these candidates has their strengths, but most are not ready in my mind.  Do I think that the Republicans have a chance, maybe a slight one.  I don't want to see Obama in another term, but unless the Republican candidates get on topic and fight with truth, fact, and passion for them they don't stand a chance against a man who will not be questioned on anything that he does. 

My message to the candidates of today is to stand on the issues.  Be bold and be true to yourself and to us.  Stop trying to give us what you think we want to hear and declare what needs to be said.  Be courageous enough to stand on the unpopular side of the issue.  If you feel that you are standing alone, I guarantee you that you are not.  Santorum did that at the beginning of his campaign and that is why I supported him, then he changed.  Be men of honor, be moral, be ethical, be Americans.  And may we ever remain a Nation United!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Constitution

I admit I listen to a lot of talk radio. I do so mostly because I can’t stand to listen to music all the time, and most music doesn’t interest me. The other day I was listening to a program, I can’t remember which one, and a person called in and made a comment that got me thinking. It wasn’t profound or well put in any stretch of the imagination, as a matter of fact when he said it, I yelled at the radio in utter disgust. The comment was that we, the American people have to defend the Constitution because it gives us our Rights. The radio host agreed with him and asked what he was doing to defend the Constitution. I would say that some reading this are wondering what made me upset. Well, I will tell you.

The Constitution of the United States of America does not grant us, nor give us our Rights. To say that the Constitution grants us our Rights is to say that our Rights are granted by men and can thereby be taken by men. The Rights guaranteed under the Constitution are not granted by that document, but enumerated by it. They are inventoried by that document making a list of Rights granted by Natural Law, and Nature’s God. When performing an inventory in a commercial setting, you count those items that are currently on hand, not those items that you plan on purchasing or creating at a later date. It is the same with our Constitution. The Founders were well aware of Natural Rights, they had mentioned that such things were existent when they authored and signed the Declaration of Independence. These men being as wise as they were, knew that man, not God would endeavor to replace man’s Rights with oppression. It is natural for men to restrict the free exercise of another’s Rights to suit their personal agenda, therefore the Founders saw fit to provide the Government an outline of those things which they could not touch. Our current President, Barrack Hussein Obama, has gone on record saying that his biggest concern with the Constitution is that it is a document of negative Rights for the Government; it says what they can’t do, but not what they can do.

Our government, for decades has endeavored to remove from men their Rights granted them by the Living God. They’ve extended extensions of those “rights” unto some, while limiting or completely annihilating the Rights of others in order to do so. You can’t pass hate crime legislation and maintain equal Rights for all because by the mere act of creating the legislation you’ve created an unequal situation amongst the citizens. All crime is based on hate, and therefore the creation of a special characterization for crimes against segments of society creates inequality in the laws.

We are approaching Constitution Day this Friday. I am very excited to see all the celebrations being planned and the preparations to provide education on the Constitution to the Citizens of this Nation. I just hope that we, those Citizens who claim to uphold the Constitution and who love this Nation will work to really understand what the Constitution is. It is important that we understand that our government cannot take from us that which they have no power to take. If we allow them to believe that they do, or if we believe that they can, they will. They will leave us without hope and limit our ability to question them. Thomas Jefferson knew this well and it is plainly manifested in his writings as in the writings of many of our Founding Patriots. In this current exigency we must ban together as one people and learn our Rights and study the Constitution. I don’t mean in large groups, getting together to pontificate upon the delicate state of our Nation and to rile against everything Federal. All that does is foment hate which leads to unpleasantness in the Public arena of debate. What we need is for Patriots to come together and study the document and understand the original intent. It is obvious through the writings of the of our Founding Fathers that they fully intended the People to understand the distribution of power, and that by understanding the distribution of power amongst the Federal System of Government we were to properly limit the unholy extension of that power into realms forbidden by the Constitution, yet we as a people have been told that it is not that important to know what it says, but more important to “interpret” the application to today since it was written so long ago by slave owning white men who had no clue as to what they were doing. I don’t except this, nor should any freedom loving American.

The System created by the Constitution is as near to perfect as men can get here on earth, when it comes to Government. If we understand it, we can properly dispense the powers of Government within the confines and limits put upon it by the Constitution and we will strengthen our Nation. The Constitution was written for a moral people, if the people are without morals we are without hope. We can’t turn to the Constitution and expect to be saved as a Nation; it will not work. Without morals, men are led by lust for power, and greed, and that is what has caused Nations to fall throughout history, and that is what is causing our Nation to weaken and shake at it’s foundation, the Foundation of the Constitution.

May this Constitution day bring joy and renewal to the hearts of America, and may we ban together and bridge the divide that is tearing us apart as a Nation. Let us turn to that which works, and may we ever remain a Nation United.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I've reached my saturation point with the left and the leftist media when it comes to racism. I find it odd that what some call free speech, others call racism. What is racism, since nobody can obviously agree as to what it is? If we were to look at the dictionary we would see this definition, "a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement...a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine, hatred or intolerance of another race or other races." These definitions seem to give a pretty good synopsis of what racism is, and in essence what it isn't. Yet our government under Obama, or I should say our Justice Department under Holder who is under Obama, has determined a man standing outside a polling station on election day holding a club and declaring to white people as they approached, "I hate white people, I hate every iota of a've gotta kill some cracker babies if you want freedom, kill every cracker baby"; is not racism, but free speech. Yet, on the other hand a person holding a sign saying "NObama" is racist because Obama is black and therefore the person holding the sign is a bigot and a racist and therefore the Tea Party movement is racist. Do we need to refer back to the definition of racism to see the irony in that determination of racism?

Let's talk about racism. The Black Panthers, the group that Eric Holder and the Justice Department and Obama have decided that they are not going to pursue with legal jurisprudence because they don't see anything wrong with what they did, are racists. The leader of the group when asked if he supported what was said by the man outside of the polling station, never said that he didn't agree with him, as a matter of fact he said that for the sake of the interview he would say no he didn't believe that they needed to kill all white babies, but should focus more on the police instead. And the man who was the leader of that prestigious organization prior to him gave a talk in South Africa saying that he believed that all white babies and their mothers should be killed, because the white babies grow up to be oppressors as taught by their mothers. Then you have the Weatherman organization who during the 60's and 70's attempted to start a race war between the whites and blacks to cure the injustices against the blacks. Don't forget that Obama is good friends with one of their "charter members" Bill Ayers. They believed wholeheartedly that white mothers and babies needed to be killed in order to stop the "oppression" against the blacks. And, our own government has repeatedly passed laws putting on an unequal ground whites and minorities (as they like to refer to us as). Minorities are constantly being told by government that we can't stand on equal ground as the whites therefore we need help to compete with them. I don't know about other minorities, but I don't feel inferior to any race, creed or person. I don't think I need special privilege to measure up to the whites. I guess that just shows that I am naive and need the governments help to save me from my own ignorance.

On the other hand, somehow the belief that our desire for us to return to the guidance of our divinely inspired Constitution is racist, is absurd. A scripture comes to mind found in Isaiah 5:20 which states "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" It is believed that our desire to return to the Constitution is a desire to propel us back to the ante-bellum days of America when slavery was legal and oppression was accepted. Because the Founding Fathers were slave owners, evil and racists. This train of thought shows the ignorance of those purporting such beliefs. Any review of the notes and writings coming out of the Constitutional Convention would show that many of the Founding Fathers believed that slavery should be outlawed in the United States, but ceded the issue to ensure they could get ratification of the Constitution and thereby save the Country that they loved. George Washington upon his death freed his slaves and set up a trust fund to ensure that they could get educated. Does that sound like a man who desired to oppress the black people? The Founding Fathers who ceded the issue believed that the day would come when the issue would be brought up again and they hoped that at that time the people would be ready to do the right thing. The Constitution was written to protect all, not just the whites. Our desire to return to the Constitution of the United States is nothing more than a desire to retain our freedoms as Citizens of this great Nation. We are a shining city on a hill, you don't light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candle stick and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. We are that candle! We need to start shining and be a moral people.

Racism is found in all parts of society, and it is not, nor should it be acceptable in any of them. All people are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We must put aside the rancor and embrace that which unites us, our Constitution, and our liberty which it ensures. We must ever remain a Nation United!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


This being Independence Day, this morning I took the opportunity to read the Declaration of Independence. It is a document that is given even less respect than our Constitution. It outline in no uncertain terms or language that our rights are derived from God, and not Government. I believe that the Declaration is given lip service as our government leaders quote that we are guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I remember a couple of weeks ago, I was listening to the radio and a clip was played of a Democrat Congressman being asked from where he derived his authority to mandate health insurance for everyone, and he said it was from the Constitution, and the follow up question was where in the Constitution, and he responded that we are guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. He was told that that wasn't the Constitution, but the Declaration of Independence, and he said that he didn't care, but he derived his authority from a moral responsibility.

I am sorry, but that is completely and wholeheartedly false. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States both declare in plain english for all to read that the rights of the people are derived from God, and that government derives its' power and authority from the people. For government to say that they are the ones who give us the rights to exercise under the Bill of Rights, is a statement rife with arrogance and naivete. The government can't take from us our freedom of speech, because it is inherently ours as an unalienable right given us from God, not man. The definition of unalienable is, "not to be separated, given away, or taken away". Therefore our rights as free Americans can't be diminished by government, or I should say government has no authority to abridge or diminish our rights as free Americans. The Declaration of Independence is correct in its declaration that, "all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed". We the people of the United States of America who see the tyrannical and despotic actions of the Federal Government, have tried to redress the situation through peaceful means. We've endeavored to sound the alarm in a manner to help all Americans to wake up to their God-given right to self-government.

We declare that government is established, "for the people, by the people, and of the people". Government is established and revoked by the will of the governed. We the People of the United States of America are a free people, so established by heavenly decree and ratified by the Constitution of the United States. Our freedoms are not diminished by the will or desire of others to take them from us. We must boldly stand, or we will be made to kneel and accept tyrannical despotism. Freedom and Tyranny cannot reside in the same space.

May we as a Nation, on this Day of Independence, declare with our Founding Fathers:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.--Such has been the patient sufferance of these States; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present President of the United States is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.

May we remember our sacred duty which we owe not only to ourselves, our families and our Country, but to our God, the author of our Freedom, and may we ever remain a Nation United.